Apple Pay
Acceptance of payment from a customer using Apple devices
What is Apple Pay?
Apple Pay — system of both mobile payments and electronic wallet from Apple Corporation. Allows you to make payments from Apple devices.
Payment splitting for multiple recipients.
Secure payment with a guarantee of payment.
How does it work
  1. The customer pays for the service or product with an Apple device at the point of sale.
  2. he customer uses the Apple Pay button.
  3. You send a request for a card token and a token reference to Liqpay from your Apple device (For more information on Apple Pay integration visit).
  4. Liqpay writes off the amount from customer's card by token.
To receive access to the API, you need:
Send a request
Without certification PCI DSS
Integration within public API Checkout or Payment widget.
Integration method
Self-integration according to documentation: