Personalized payment page - 10 payment methods
What is the Payment page or Checkout?
LiqPay payment page is designed for easy, quick and secure method for payment acceptance from your clients on website. Using LiqPay payment page, client's card details are transferred completely secure directly to the LiqPay and do not stay on your site or server.
After successful payment, LiqPay receives unique token of payer's card which you can use as client's props , ensuring payment of just 1 click.
For even greater convenience, LiqPay may store customer data and make next payment in one click and with this you don't need to save client's token or create additional billing.
Main possibilities
10 payment methods
Delivery address autofilling
Payment in one click (3 variants)
Promo-codes and discounts
Subscription for regular withdrawal
Design constructor
Adapt for all devices
Card preauth
Payment with an arbitrary amount
Blocking of the funds
Splitting of payment for multiple recipients
Secure payment with a guarantee of payment
Methods of payments
Apple Pay
Acceptance of payment from a customer using Apple devices.
Google Pay
A better way to pay, by Google.
QR-code payment in 1 click
For payment via QR-code client needs to install mobile app Privat24 for iOS or AOS. Scan QR code on payment page and press «Confirm» button in received form.
We accept debit, credit and corporate Mastercard/Visa for payment on payment page.
Payment via internet-bank Privat24.
Quick payment using wallet LiqPay. In the monet of payment, it is enough for client to chose card from the list of available on the wallet or specify new one.
Your clients can pay for the goods by installments of PrivatBank - you are receiving full amount of compensation to the account or to the card. More about the conditions for Instantaneous installments.
Cash payment
Your clients will be able to make payments by cash in self-service terminals of PrivatBank.
Invoice to the email
A convenient way of deferred payment. Your client receives notification (invoice) to the email with «Pay» button and can make a payment anytime.
One click payment with MasterPass wallet of Mastercard.
One click payment (3 variants)
QR-code payment
There's a QR-code available on LiqPay payment page. If cleint scans this code with mobile application Privat24, he will make a one click payment - enough to press «Confirm» button in received payment form.
Payment by token
Your regular clients don't need to put card details anymore. You can take repeated payments via client's card token, which you will receive on the server-url after payment through API Checkout.
Storing client data
LiqPay stores user data by uniqe ID in your system - next client's payment will be made in one click. You don't need to keep clients' tokens on your side.
One click payment with storage of clients can be activated for you additionally by LiqPay manager.
How does LiqPay payment system work
  1. You need to form a request to the API Checkout according to texhnical documentation.
  2. Result of executing request will be client's redirect to the new browser's tab where LiqPay payment page will be opened.
  3. Client fills out card details and confims payment on LiqPay payment page.
  4. By the result - you will get a reply from LiqPay about payment status.
Which types of card is supported by checkout
  1. pay - direct withdrawal from the card
  2. hold - blocking of the funds on client's card under a two step payment
  3. subscribe - registration of subscription
  4. paydonate - recevie donatios of any amount
  5. auth - card preauth
  6. letter_of_credit - payment with customer protection
  7. split_rules - payment split for a few recipients
  8. apay - pay with Apple Pay
  9. gpay - pay with Google Pay
Intergration methods
Self-integration according to documentation:
SDK mobile libraries:
SDK for programming language: