Acceptance of payment in the client's card currency
What is DCC?
DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) is a method of payment that allows a client from abroad to make a payment in USD and EUR, while you get a refund in UAH.
Save token for next payment.
Subscription for regular funds withdrawal from the client's card.
How does the payment work with DCC (server - server)
  1. The client makes a purchase on your website.
  2. You get the client card data.
  3. Send a request for a conversion rate.
  4. Offer the client to pay in an alternative currency (received in p.3).
  5. Send the final request for payment.
* The client's consent to make payment with DCC must be received on your payment page. If the consent is not received - you send a request for payment without DCC.
With appropriate level of PCI DSS  certification
According to the rules of Mastercard/Visa, a certificate is required as well as the interaction with the LiqPay passes through server-server method, the customer enters the card details on the website.
To receive access to the API, you need:
  1. To have the appropriate level of PCI DSS certification, depending on the number of transactions per year
  2. Apply for connection
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