Google pay
Easy way to pay from Google.
What is Google Pay™?
Google Pay is a simple and fast way to pay for your shopping in stores and millions of online services.
Splitting the payment into several recipients.
Secure payment with payment guarantee.
How Google Pay works
  1. The customer pays for the service or goods at the point of sale.
  2. The customer uses Google Pay button.
  3. You receive encrypted payment data from Google:
    1. Button on your website
      1. Google Pay Documentation for Websites
      2. Google Pay Integration Checklist for Websites
      3. Google Pay Website Branding Guidelines for Websites
    2. Android app
      1. Google Pay Documentation for Android
      2. Google Pay Integration Checklist for Android
      3. Google Pay Android app Branding Guidelines for Android
  4. You send in your Liqpay request the payment data received from Google.
  5. Liqpay decrypts the data and charges from the client's card.
    1. If the response from Liqpay returns the 3ds_verify status, you need to confirm the payment according to the documentation
No PCI DSS certificate is required for this API. API integration.
Without PCI DSS certification.
Integration within a public API Checkout or Payment widget.
Google Pay method, enabled for all stores and requires no additional configuration on your side.
Methods of integration
Self-integration as per documentation: