Issuing the invoice to the client's email in sever-server mode
What is the invoice?
Sending the invoice to the client's email. You are setting the date when client can pay an invoice. After expiration date invoice automatically becomes unavailable for payment.
Possibility to set the expiration date - when client needs to pay an invoice
Specify the list of goods or services by the API
Select the payment type when client pays an invoice:
pay - simple card payment
hold - blocking funds on card up to 30 days
subscribe - subscription
paydonate - donate, payment with free amount
Cancel the invoice via API at any moment and client will not be able to make a payment
How the invoice works
  1. Client made an order in your website but did not pay for it.
  2. You send via the API invoice to the customer's e-mail with the list of goods or services that the customer specified in the order.
  3. Client receives an invoice to the email with a list of goods or services and «Pay» button.
  4. For payment, LiqPay redirects the client from the email to the LiqPay payment page where client can pay the bill via any comfortable method.
For this API certificate PCI DSS  is not required. Integration within the API invoice
If client pays via API Checkout or Payment widget he can independently invoice on his email.
Also company can issue the invoice to the client's email in LiqPay business account.
Integration method
Self-integration according to documentation:
SDK mobile libraries:
SDK for programming language: