Masterpass widget
Masterpass wallet card management widget
What is a Masterpass widget?
Widget is used to manage cards in the Masterpass wallet, allows you to:
  1. Select the default card.
  2. Add a new card.
  3. Delete one or more current cards.
How the card management widget works
  1. Create the required parameters according to the documentation.
  2. Install the HTML code of the widget on the page of your site.
  3. The client performs actions with his cards in the widget.
To receive access to the Masterpass widget, you need:
Send a request
To create a widget, you should declare the LiqPayCheckout object on the page and pass init function parameters for entrance - data, signature, embedTo, mode, language, where:
data and signature - mandatory parameters for working with LiqPay,
embedTo - element on the HTML page where the widget will be displayed,
mode - mode of displaying the widget on the site,
language - a widget language.