Masterpass widget
Masterpass wallet card management widget

Scheme of API widget Masterpass
Forming a request to API for self-integration:
Example JS widget:

<div id="liqpay_masterpass"></div>
	window.LiqPayMasterpassCallback = function(app) {
			data: "data",	   
			signature: "signature",
			embedTo: "#liqpay_masterpass",
			mode: "embed" // embed || popup 
<script src="//" async></script>

Options for generating data:
Parameter Required Type Description
version Required Number Version API. Current value - 3
public_key Required String Public key - the store identifier. You can get the key in the store settings
action Required String masterpass
description Required String Payment description.
prepare Optional String The preliminary preparation of the payment. This mode allows you to determine whether all data is complete, whether 3DS is required to check the card, whether the limit is exceeded. The funds are not debited from the payer's card. To activate the mode, you need to transfer the value of 1, and to work with DCC (dynamic currency conversion) - the value of tariffs
customer Required String User phone
customer_user_id Required String User ID in the merchant system
timestamp Required String Current date in milliseconds