Cash payment
Deferred payment in cash at PrivatBank self-service terminals
What is the cash payment?
Deferred payment via PrivatBank self-service terminals (SST). Client doe not need to fill out the card details on the website for payment - it is enough to put cash or card to the Privatank SST. You can set the date when client needs to make a payment in SST.
Cash payment in PrivatBank SST
Without putting car details for goods or service payment on your website
Manage the date when payment can be done by client in SST
How the API cash payment works
  1. Client makes goods or service purchase on your website.
  2. In order to make a purchase, it will be enough for client to press the button «Pay cash in PrivatBank's SST» and put phone number on your website.
  3. You are sending a request to the LiqPay for cash payment with specifying client's phone number and the date when client needs to make a payment - LiqPay issues the invoice to the client to the Private Bank SST.
  4. Client can make a payment in SST by cash or by card.
  5. Payment funds enroll to your account straight after client's payment.
For this API, certificate PCI DSS  is not required. Integration within the API cash payment
Integration within the public API Checkout or Payment widget.
Integration methods
Self-integration according to documentation:
SDK mobile libraries:
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