Payment refund to the client's card
What is the refund?
Payment refund to the client's card in server-server mode, can be full or partial - you are managing the refund amount via API. Refund is made automatically to the card which client used for the payment.
Full or partial refund of payment amount
Using of API Refund to cancel the funds blocking
Mechanics of refund:
At the expense of future payments - refund to the client's card will be made as soon as the amount of new payments to the company will be equal to the refund amount.
From company's account - refund is made directly from company's account to the client's card is the account is open in PrivatBank, this functionality is connected with the conclusion of the contract, in agreement with the manager.
To receive funds from current account it is required to:
Send a request
How the API Refund works
  1. Client paid for the goods or service on your website but there's a need to make a refund.
  2. You are sending a request to the API with full or partial amount for the refund.
  3. LiqPay makes an enrollment to the client's card.
  4. After payment is refunded, LiqPay returns status to the server-url of company.
For this API certificate PCI DSS  is not required. Integration within the API refund.
Company can makefull or partial refund in LiqPay business account.
Integration methods
Self-integration according to documentation:
SDK mobile libraries:
SDK for programming language: