Regular billing of your clients by server-server method
What is subscription?
Regular withdraw from the the client via server-server method, with specified date of the first withdrawal and periodicity.
Automatic 3-time repeat for 72 hours if withdrawal was unsuccessful
Receiveing of client's card token in reply from LiqPay
Change of the amount and card for writing off regular payments
How does API subscription work
  1. The company forms a request for the subscription API specifying in the parameters the date of the first regular withdrawal from the customer and the frequency of the withdrawals.
  2. After successful subscription registration - further regular withdrawal from the customer's card LiqPay conducts itself according to the data transmitted by the API in the request.
  3. Regular withdrawals are carried out from the client's card, which was indicated during the subscription process.
  4. The company receives the status of payments according to the API Callback.
  5. If necessary, you can update the amount, currency, card, subscription destination through the API to change the subscription.
  6. You can cancel the subscription by unsubscribe API.
With appropriate level of PCI DSS  certification
According to rules of Mastercard/Visa payment systems, availability of the certificate is required because the interaction with the LiqPay passes through server-server method, the customer enters the card details on the company's website.
To receive access to the API, you need:
  1. To have the appropriate level of PCI DSS certification, depending on the number of transactions per year
  2. Apply for connection
Send a request
Without certification PCI DSS
Integration within public API Checkout or Payment widget, use action subscribe - regular payment.
Integration method
Self-integration according to documentation:
SDK mobile libraries:
SDK for programming language: