Card validity check using a verification code

Scheme of API card verification
Forming a request to API for self-integration:
Options for generating data:
Parameter Required Type Description
version Required Number Version API. Current value - 3
public_key Required String Public key - the store identifier. You can get the key in the store settings
action Required String cardverification
card Required String Card number of the payer
card_cvv Required String CVV/CVV2
card_exp_month Required String Expiry month of the payer's card. For example: 08
card_exp_year Required String Expiry year of the payer's card.For example: 19
description Required String Payment description.
ip Required String Client IP
order_id Required String Unique purchase ID in your shop. Maximum length is 255 symbols.
language Optional String Customer's language ru, uk, en
verifycode Optional String Possible value Y. Dynamic verification code is generated and going back to Callback.
Example response:
  "action": "cardverification",
  "payment_id": 165192,
  "status": "success",
  "version": 3,
  "paytype": "card",
  "public_key": "i000000000",
  "acq_id": 414963,
  "order_id": "98R1U1OV1485849059893399",
  "liqpay_order_id": "NYMK3AE61501685438251925",
  "description": "тест",
  "sender_phone": "380950000001",
  "sender_card_mask2": "414962*99",
  "sender_card_bank": "pb",
  "sender_card_type": "visa",
  "sender_card_country": 804,
  "amount": 0.01,
  "currency": "UAH",
  "sender_commission": 0.0,
  "receiver_commission": 0.0,
  "agent_commission": 0.0,
  "amount_debit": 0.01,
  "amount_credit": 0.01,
  "commission_debit": 0.0,
  "commission_credit": 0.0,
  "currency_debit": "UAH",
  "currency_credit": "UAH",
  "sender_bonus": 0.0,
  "amount_bonus": 0.0,
  "authcode_debit": "559310",
  "rrn_debit": "000663770891",
  "mpi_eci": "7",
  "is_3ds": false,
  "create_date": 1501687647977,
  "end_date": 1501687647977,
  "transaction_id": 165192