CVV confirmation
Payment confirmation via sender's card CVV
What is the CVV confirmation?
Payment confirmation on your website via 3-digit code on the back of the customer's payment card. You are receiving status cvv_verify as a reply from from LiqPay, according to which you need to ask client about CVV code and send it as a request to LiqPay API.
How the CVV confirmation works
  1. Client pays for the goods or service on your website.
  2. You are sending a request for withdrawal from the client's card by the one of LiqPay APIs.
  3. As a reply from LiqPay API, returns status cvv_verify - it means CVV confirmation is required to finish the payment.
  4. You request CVV card code from the client on website page and repeat a request for write-off on API LiqPay.
  5. LiqPay returns the transaction status to the server-url of the company.