Payer's card verification for participating in 3D-Secure
What is the MPI?
A separate tool to verify the participation of the card in 3D-Secure, which allows you to independently conduct a 3DS verification on the side of the company from the issuing bank.
How the MPI works
  1. Client makes payment on your website.
  2. You are sending the request for card verification via 3D-Secure.
  3. As a reply, LiqPay returns status mpi_status, does this card support 3D-Secure or not.
  4. If the card supports 3D Secure - you will redirect client to the page of issuing bank for 3D-Secure verification.
  5. After, issuing-bank returns to your server 3D-Secure verification parameters which you can use when making a request to LiqPay payment APIs.
How to work with ACS of the issuing bank:
  1. LiqPay returned the status of mpi_status=Y.
  2. It is necessary to redirect the client to mpi_req_url method POST with the parameters PaReq=mpi_req_pareq, MD=mpi_req_md,
    Where - is the address of the page to which the issuer will return a response with the parameters PaRes and MD.
  3. To make a payment with the 3DS already passed, when creating the payment, you must transfer the parameters mpi_pares and mpi_md, with the values of PaRes and MD, which were received from the issuer's ACS.
With appropriate level of PCI DSS  certification
According to rules of Mastercard/Visa payment systems, availability of the certificate is required because the interaction with the LiqPay passes through server-server method, the customer enters the card details on the company's website.
To receive access to the API, you need:
  1. To have the appropriate level of PCI DSS certification, depending on the number of transactions per year
  2. Apply for connection
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