Payment Bot
Accepting payments in 1 click from customers in popular instant messengers.
What is the payment bot?
Issuing an invoice for the clients' payment in popular messengers: Privat24, Viber, Telegram.
How the Payment Bot API works
  1. The customer makes an order on your site.
  2. Instead of a long procedure for entering complete card data by the client, you transfer the amount throught the API, phone number, purpose of payment and the client receives an invoice to Privat24 / Viber / Telegram, if there is a registration.
  3. If there is no registration - LiqPay returns a link where the customer can register, awhereupon the payment in 1 click will be available to the client on the sites of all partners using the bot LiqPay.
  4. You receive the status of the payment in the response from LiqPay.
  5. All the following payments will be in 1 click with the choice of card and a confirmation of payment.
Application cases:
  1. Working with the left cart.
  2. The desired product appeared in the store.
  3. Sales of call-center.
  4. Regular payments.
  5. Extension of the contract / service for a new period.
  6. Sale of related products.