P2P payments
Funds transfer from card to card, mobile phone, email or account
What is a p2p payments?
Money transfer from sender's card to the card, phone number or account of the recipient. API supports tranfers across Ukraine (for transfers from Ukraine - abroad, additional agreement with the manager LiqPay is necessary).
Money funds transfer using any of the recipient's available details:
  -   from card to card - receipinet's card can be both ukrainian and foreign banks,
  -   from card to the account - transfer via card details inside Ukraine,
  -   from card to phone number/email - funds will come after the card adding to the LiqPay enrollment.
Possibility of receiving sender's card token .
How API for p2p payments works
  1. Client makes a money transfer from card to card, mobile phone, email or recipient's account on your website.
  2. You request the customer's full details of a card and details of the recipient, then send the request to the API p2p.
  3. Payment details of recipient , depending on scenario:
      -   to card - only recipinet's card number.
      -   to account - number of the account, OKPO, MFI, recipient's name.
      -   to mobile phone - number of recipient's phone.
      -   by email - recipient's email.
  4. For making p2p payments, LiqPay can additionally ask about details of sender or recipient if it was not transferred in request for API.
  5. In case of p2p payment confirmation, LiqPay can request for OTP or 3D-Secure verification
  6. After payment confirmation LiqPay returns status to the server-url of company.
With appropriate level of PCI DSS  certification
According to the rules of payment systems Mastercard and Visa, a certificate is required because the interaction with the LiqPay passes through server-server method, the customer enters the card details on the website.
To receive access to the API, you need:
  1. To have the appropriate level of PCI DSS certification, depending on the number of transactions per year
  2. Apply for connection
Send a request
Without certification PCI DSS
Integration within public API Checkout or Payment widget, use action p2p.
Integration methods
Self-integration according to documentation:
SDK mobile libraries:
SDK for programming language: