Transfer of funds from the company account to any number of recipients on the card, account, email or phone
What is a payout?
Transfer of funds from the company's account to the beneficiary's details. You can conduct both bulk and transaction payments.
Transfer of funds from the company's account to any of the receiver's requisites:
  -   to card - payment to the beneficiary's card of any Ukrainian bank,
  -   by token - payment to the card of the recipient by a token,
  -   to account - payment to account details within Ukraine,
  -   to phone/email - payment of funds by phone number/email, crediting funds to the card after binding the card to LiqPay.
Make massive payments using the business cabinet LiqPay.
How the API performs transaction payments
  1. For crediting funds to the client, the company sends a request with the necessary set of mandatory parameters, according to the documentation.
  2. LiqPay makes a refund to the specified beneficiary's details:
  3. - if you submitted a card number, a card token or the details of the customer's account in the request, LiqPay automatically performs a transfer transaction.
    - if you sent only the client's phone number or email in the request - LiqPay sends a message about the need to bind the payment card to the client in the personal cabinet of LiqPay. The client can bind the card within 7 days - at the end of the payment period is canceled.
  4. LiqPay returns the payout status for each transaction on the server-url of the company.
How the API performs mass payments
  1. You replenish the technical bank account opened for the project, for the amount of payments.
  2. Form the register of recipients of payments according to the template, which specifies the details of the recipients and the amount of payments.
  3. After successful loading of the registry, in case there are errors in the filled format, you have the opportunity to correct them, which will be signaled by a list of lines in which there are discrepancies with the standard format.
  4. After the start of payments, which is initiated by the company, LiqPay online processes payments to the details of the recipients in accordance with the registry.
  5. The status of payments and the possibility of re-holding unsuccessful is available in the business account.
Which companies can connect API payouts
- companies providing financial services to the client, subject to the appropriate authorization, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine,
- financial companies registered with the NBU,
- international services operating in Ukraine.
It will be useful for companies that perform the following payments:
  1. Online-lending,
  2. The implementation of instant refunds to customers who made a purchase by cash on delivery (or other payment methods that do not support returns on-line),
  3. Payments to partners or employees,
  4. Payments to drivers,
  5. Payments to freelancers,
  6. Cashback and customer bonus services.
To receive access to the API, you need:
  1. Send a request for connection.
  2. Conclude the agreement/agree with the offer for making payments from the current account.
  3. Open a settlement account in PrivatBank, if it is not available at the moment of connection.
  4. On the part of the Bank, the manager opens a technical account for immediate payments (2-3 working days).
  5. Set up payments according to the documentation.
  6. Starting the project.
Send a request
Transaction payments according to the Payments API.
Mass payments in the Business account LiqPay.
Integration method
Self-integration according to documentation: