P2P Debit
Acceptance of payment from the client using the p2p debit method

Scheme of work API p2p debit
Forming a request to API for self-integration:
Options for generating data:
Parameter Required Type Description
version Required Number Version API. Current value - 3
public_key Required String Public key - the store identifier. You can get the key in the store settings
action Required String p2pdebit
amount Required Number Payment amount. For example: 5, 7.34
card Required String Card number of the payer
card_cvv Required String CVV/CVV2
card_exp_month Required String Expiry month of the payer's card. For example: 08
card_exp_year Required String Expiry year of the payer's card.For example: 19
card_token Required String Sender's card token. For example: B5BВB0D00B88B00ED00A00D0D (You don't need to transmit card data, when using a token)
currency Required String Payment currency. Possible values: USD, EUR, RUB, UAH
description Required String Payment description.
phone Required String Payer's mobile phone. One time password will be sent to the number to confirm the payment. Mobile number should be in the international format (Ukraine +380, Russia +7). For example: +380950000001 (with +) or 380950000001 (without +)
language Optional String Customer's language ru, uk, en
prepare Optional String The preliminary preparation of the payment. This mode allows you to determine whether all data is complete, whether 3DS is required to check the card, whether the limit is exceeded. The funds are not debited from the payer's card. To activate the mode, you need to transfer the value of 1, and to work with DCC (dynamic currency conversion) - the value of tariffs
recurringbytoken Optional String This parameter allows to generate payer card_token which you receive in callback request to server_url. card_token allows to make recurring payments without payer card requisites using API paytoken. To receive card_token please send in request value: 1
result_url Optional String URL of your shop where the buyer would be redirected after completion of the purchase. Maximum length 510 symbols.
server_url Optional String URL API in your store for notifications of payment status change (server->server). Maximum length is 510 symbols. Learn more
sandbox Required String Enables the testing environment for developers. Payer card will not be charged. To enable testing environment you will need to transmit value 1. All test payments will have the status sandbox - successful test payment.
Sender parameters
sender_address NEW Optional String Sender's address
sender_city Optional String Sender's city
sender_country_code Optional String Country code of the sender. Digital ISO 3166-1 code
sender_first_name Optional String Sender's first name
sender_last_name Optional String Sender's last name
sender_postal_code Optional String Sender's zip code
3DS parameters
mpi_md Optional String Parameter that returns from ACS MD.
This parameter is transmitted only in case when is used the API MPI
mpi_pares Optional String Parameter that returns from ACS pares.
This parameter is transmitted only in case when is used the API MPI