Widget of company creation
Widget for creation of company directly on your site
What is a widget of company creation?
This is a way to create a store directly on your website.
How does the widget of company creation
  1. Create the required parameters according to the documentation.
  2. Install the HTML code of the widget on the page of your site.
  3. The client fills in the data of his shop by himself and saves the data on the LiqPay widget.
  4. As a result, you receive a reply from LiqPay about the registration status.
In order to install the widget for creating a company on the page, it is necessary to declare LiqPayCheckout object and pass to method init next params - widget data, signature, embedTo, mode, language, where:
data and signature - mandatory parameters for working with LiqPay,
embedTo - element on the HTML page where the widget will be displayed,
mode - mode of displaying the widget on the site,
language - a widget language.
widget - widget type, value pageregist.

Other data (refund, name, mail, company website, etc.) are entered in the widget itself.