Exchange rates of PrivatBank
Obtaining information about cash, non-cash exchange rates of PrivatBank

Example of the request:
Cash rate of PrivatBank (in the branches):
Non-cash exchange rate of PrivatBank (conversion by cards, Privat24, replenishment of deposits):
Request Parameters:
Parameter Required Type Description
usd Optional String U.S. dollar
eur Optional String Euro
rur Optional String Russian ruble
Example of the response:
        <exchangerate ccy="RUR" base_ccy="UAH" buy="0.37817" sale="0.37817"/>
        <exchangerate ccy="EUR" base_ccy="UAH" buy="18.03042" sale="18.03042"/>
        <exchangerate ccy="USD" base_ccy="UAH" buy="13.65941" sale="13.65941"/>
Response parameters
Parameter Description
ccy Currency code (reference currency codes:Коды_валют )
base_ccy National currency code
buy Buying rate
sale Sales rate