Payment by installments
Obtaining information on the amount available for purchasing under the «Part payment» program

Widget for receiving the limit
To load a widget, you need to:
  1. Place a container for widget <div id="widget_conteiner"></div>
  2. Submit a script <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  3. In the div specify the type of loading the widget, for example: <div id="widget_conteiner" data-type=”frame”></div>
At the moment there are two types of loading:
  • frame - the frame is loading from the server with standard styles and design;
  • cast - the script displays a form without styles.
To add a class (for custom CSS), you need to create a script and call widgetClassBuild and in the div span to receive these classes:
	    jQuery(document).ready(function () {
	            sendButton : ["class", "class1"]
Elements that can be assigned to classes:
  • sendButton - button to send a request to «get a limit»,
  • phoneNumber - field for entering the number,
  • label - the inscription on the box «To verify the limit, enter the phone number»,
  • success_answer - an inscription that appears after a successful request,
  • error_answer - an inscription that appears under the number field in case of an error.
You can also specify in <div id="widget_conteiner" data-bank=”pb”></div>, thereby in place holder for the phone number will be the prefix of the desired country data-bank: pb - PrivatBank and tg - Georgia.
You can also specify the source of the request: <div id="widget_conteiner" data-shopSource=”1”>, this is the id of the site from which the request will be made.
Options placeholdera for phone number and source can also be specified for the site, specifying these parameters in the address bar.
API to get the limit
Example of the request:
Parameter Description
phone_number Telephone number (12 digits starting with 380)
Example of the response:
Response parameters
Parameter Description
proc Response code.
Possible values:
no Result is unseccessful: not the correct format other problems
server Server or request error
jsonError Invalid JSON
A cross-domain request for security purposes is prohibited, since substitute data can be used. To avoid this, we use the format JSONP.
In order to get an answer from the server, use this example in the JS-code:
	$.getJSON(url + "/" + number + "?jsoncallback=?").done(function(responseObj){
        here is your code (consider this code part as «success:» in ajax)
Parameter Description
number Phone number
responseObj In this parameter there will be a field proc, that can accept values:
no Text message has not been sent
server Server or request error
format Invalid phone number format
ok Text message is successfully sent
Payment calculator for individuals
Code for posting on the site:
<iframe src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>