Card token obtainment without processing a payment
What is a token's obtainment?
This is a private API with which you can get a card token without processing a payment.
Card token obtainment without processing a payment
Token control
How does token obtainment work
  1. A client subscribes
  2. A client fills in the card details on your website, then you form a request from your server to the LiqPay URL. In the request, you pass the card number, expiration date, and CVV, as well as the rest of the parameters set according to the technical documentation
  3. LiqPay processes the request and returns a token or a token reference of the payment card
With appropriate level of PCI DSS  certification
According to rules of Mastercard/Visa payment systems, availability of the certificate is required because the interaction with the LiqPay passes through server-server method, the customer enters the card details on the company's website.
To receive access to the API, you need:
  1. To have the appropriate level of PCI DSS certification, depending on the number of transactions per year
  2. Apply for connection
Send a request
Integration method
Self-integration according to documentation: