Welcome to LiqPay!

To accept payments as a legal entity, resident of Ukraine - make sure that your site meets the recommendations:
  • Contacts for feedback are indicated: phone and email address
  • The product image on the site corresponds to the description
  • There are no prohibited products on the site
  • The registration of the combat account must be on the telephone of the legal entity in whose favor it is planned to accept payments
To connect the reception of payments, register the company in LiqPay system:
  1. Fill out the company data form (name, web address, e-mail, phone number and category of services or goods)
  2. Specify the details of the company's account, to which we will transfer the refund for accepted payments
Congratulations, you have created a company in LiqPay!
After registration you received:
public_key - the unique identifier of your company in the system LiqPay
private_key - private API access key
To form a request for payment, you will need:
  1. Determine the connection method depending on your work model:
    ⁃ Client-Server (Payment button, SDK, Plugin),
    ⁃ Server-Server (API, SDK).
  2. Integration to the site/resource according to the documentation.
  3. Test integration in test mode (use sandbox keys).
  4. Start payment in combat mode.
The basic concepts and rules for working with the LiqPay API, query generation
Required URLs for work depending on the model chosen:
To call the LiqPay API you need to pass the data and signature (Server-Server) parameters via the POST method or redirect the client (Client-Server) using the POST method, where:
data - json string with APIs parameters encoded by the function base64, base64_encode( json_string ),
signature - is the unique signature of each request base64_encode( sha1( private_key + data + private_key) ),
base64_encode - returns a string encoded by the base64,
sha1 - the hash is returned as a binary string of 20 characters.
Advanced settings
Customize checkout design
We have developed a universal designer, with which you can customize the individual design of the payment page without a single line of code.
Choose payment methods
You can set up payment methods in the Company Settings or by using the API Сheckout.