LIQPAY, the easiest payments for your site or mobile app!

If you're looking for a single payment solution, or want to add LIQPAY as an additional payment method for your web site, we have the solutions for your business.

*Tariff 2,75% per transaction

Convenient payment acceptance

  • - Mastercard/Visa cards/UnionPay
  • - cash
  • - Privat24 internet-bank

Payments from more than 150 countries on-line

Rapid crediting

  • - Mastercard/Visa cards/UnionPay
  • - account

crediting funds within 1 business day

Anyone can pay!

LiqPay mobile application is an innovative payment method for your business

Payment instruments

Secure Payment

Two-step payments (hold)

Does It take time to check for product or service?

Set two-stage payment: I - HOLD FUNDS, II - complete purchase

MOTO payments

Enable you to debit customer's card.

To accept payment you do not need physical access to the client card. Card number and expiration date are enough

Secure payments

Enable customers to make protected payment on your website. Bank guarantees money transfer upon confirmation of delivery

Regular payments

Payments by token

Requests to debit funds using customer's card token. You manage payment frequency, amount and currency


Accept scheduled Mastercard/Visa/UnionPay card payments on your web site .

You manage frequency of payments - 1 per month/year

Business payments


Invoice is an easy way to get paid . Convenient way to accept Mastercard/Visa/UnionPay cards payments remotely on the Internet

Payment refund

Make full or partial refunds to customer's card . Refunds are available in the LiqPay business account, as well as API

B2C (P2P credit)

Make payments from your current account to customers' cards


Convenient and optimized checkout.
Widget can be implemented in a form of pop-up window or iframe - so customers can make payment directly on your website not going to a bank checkout page.
Widget is easy to set up - just copy html-код.

Set up widget

Новый Widget

One click payment

Widget supports new instant payment technology which enables your customers to make one click payment - without spending time for entering card details, going to bank checkout pages and multi-step confirmation. Scan QR code on the checkout using Privat24 app and confirm or decline a payment in received check. That's all a customer needs.
Create a great service for your clients and increase your income
Create and place QR-codes for payments!
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Accept payments using messengers

1. You send a bill to the client
2. Client confirms the payment in messenger

Accept payments using messengers

1. You send a bill to the client
2. Client confirms the payment in messenger

The Commission at the point of sale credit transfer paying with Mastercard/VISA/UnionPay of any bank.

The amount of payments is transfered to merchant account excluding merchant commission within 1 working day.

We provide individual tariffs


Security settings

Manage payment confirmation methods - OTP, CVV, 3D-Secure, intelligent monitoring system transactions Deepmemo, the development of individual rights and limits

Anti-fraud system

Cloud expert system, based on logic programming language Prolog, is able to fully or partialy replace specialist expert in decision making. The system enables to dynamicly manage rules, limits and white/black lists data


LiqPay mobile application is an innovative payment method for your business


24/7 support

We help your business 24/7.
Contact us by email or on-line chat

Personalized payment page

The page where the customer enters card details in your corporate colors and with your company logo. It may have a positive impact on the purchasing power of customer and make it easy to purchase



Provision of full payment statistics with any freauency. You can get report by email as well as API

Google Pay is available for all LiqPay partners

Google Pay allows you to pay on sites in one click with your Google Account. The service provides easy and secure online payment via your Android smartphone or Chrome browser on computers and tablets.

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LiqPay can be set for popular CMS

and for mobile platform

Accepting payments in Viber

Today user can order pizza, pay for clothes, tickets and everything that you sell on Viber - via one touch using LiqPay.

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How to get started


Before geting started make sure that your site complies with bank and the international payment systems recommendations.

Website and Domain

Domain should be registered for your company. All pages should be under a single domain name.

Products match description

Products pictures match description on website. Website doesn't contain forbiden products.

List of forbiden products


Your website should contain contacts: phone and email


Shop creation

Create shop in LiqPay to get started. Our security service will check your shop and make decision within 24 hours.
It is simple to get started acceding to terms and conditions of formal offer.

Terms and Conditions of providing service in the LiqPay system

Have a qusetion about formal offer? Contact us:


Setting up and getting started

Straight after shop is created you can start setting payments on your website. All the list of payment API and CMS modules for developers

Go to APIs page

Marketing instruments

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  • Бонус Плюс
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It confirms full compliance of the bank's payment card data processing system with Mastercard and Visa international payment systems security standards