Anyone can pay!

LiqPay mobile application - accept payments online using the application and control the payments received

How does it work LiqPay?

The LiqPay application allows you to receive payments by selecting any innovative payment method

QR code





Payment via QR code

Enter the amount and show or send the code to pay the buyer. The buyer scans the code with Privat24 or pays with ApplePay or GooglePay

Account for payment

To receive payment, select a client in the phone book (clients who have a PrivatBank card will be added to the book) and send an invoice for payment. The customer will receive a Push message from Privat24, where he or she will pay by indicating the card he or she wants to pay with


In order to receive payment via FacePay, a customer must first set up the payment function "FacePay24" and to do this, enter the settings of Privat24 and take three photos

GeoPay or "Who's near"

Through the GeoPay method, the Liqpay application will reflect customers to whom it is possible to send an invoice to Privat24. As in the "Payment account", the customer receives a Push message from Privat24 for which he pays by selecting the card

Start accepting payments with Liqpay today

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How do I start?

Register in LiqPay system

Download an employee application to smartphones

Give out access to staff

Accept payments

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Questions and answers

Who is the Liqpay mobile app suitable for?

Liqpay mobile application will be suitable for both existing and new companies that have not yet been registered in Liqpay system. In particular, for both online and offline trading

How do I connect to the Liqpay system?

To connect to Internet-acquiring, create a shop in LiqPay at

What's the rate for payment?

The tariff is 2.75% of the payment amount, the commission is paid by the seller

If a customer does not have Privat24, can he pay through the LiqPay mobile application?