Notifications and errors that are being sent by Liqpay in a case when status of a request is failure or error

err_code err_description
Anti-Fraud Errors
limit The limit for the amount or number of customer payments has been exceeded
frod Transaction identified as atypical/risky according to Anti-Fraud rules of the Bank
decline The transaction is defined as atypical/risky according to the Anti-Fraud system of the Bank
Non-financial errors
err_auth Authorization is required
err_cache Data storage time for the opration is expired
user_not_found User is not foundt
err_sms_send Failed to send smst
err_sms_otp Password from sms is incorrect
shop_blocked Shop is blockedt
shop_not_active Shop is not active
invalid_signature Signature is invalid
order_id_empty Order_id is empty
err_shop_not_agent You're not an agent for this shop
err_card_def_notfound Card for receiving payments is not found in wallet
err_no_card_token User has no card with such token
err_card_liqpay_def Enter another card
err_card_type Card type is incorrect
err_card_country Enter another card
err_limit_amount Payment amount is less or more than limit amount
err_payment_amount_limit Payment amount is less or more than limit amount
amount_limit Amount limit is exceeded
payment_err_sender_card Enter another sender's card
payment_processing payment is being processed
err_payment_discount No discount for this payment
err_wallet Failed to load the wallet
err_get_verify_code Card verification is required
err_verify_code Verification code is incorrect
wait_info Waiting for additional information, please try again later
err_path Request url is incorrect
err_payment_cash_acq Payment cannot be executed in this shop
err_split_amount Amount of split payments is not equal to payment amount
err_card_receiver_def Receiver didn't set card for settlement
payment_err_status Payment status is incorrect
public_key_not_found Public_key is not found
payment_not_found Payment is not found
payment_not_subscribed Payment is not regular
wrong_amount_currency Payment currency is difference from debit currency
err_amount_hold Amount cannot exceed payment amount
err_access Access error
order_id_duplicate Order_id is already existed
err_blocked Access to account is closed
err_empty Parameter is unfilled
err_empty_phone Phone is unfilled
err_missing Parameter is unfilled
err_wrong Parameter is incorrect
err_wrong_currency Currency is incorrect. Use (USD, UAH, RUB, EUR)
err_phone Phone is incorrect
err_card Card number is incorrect
err_card_bin Card bin is not found
err_terminal_notfound Terminal is not found
err_commission_notfound Fee is not found
err_payment_create Failed to create payment
err_mpi Failed to check card
err_currency_is_not_allowed Currency is not allowed
err_look Failed to finish operation
err_mods_empty Failed to finish operation
payment_err_type Payment type is incorrect
err_payment_currency Currency is not allowed
err_payment_exchangerates Currency exchange rate is not found
err_signature Signature is invalid
err_api_action Parameter action is unfilled
err_api_callback Parameter callback is unfilled
err_api_ip IP is not allowed for this merchant
5 Card is not 3D-Secure enrolled
Financial errors
90 General error during processing
101 Token isn't owned by this merchant
102 Token is not active
103 Limiting the amount of purchases has been reached
104 Recurring transactions limit exceeded
105 Financial errors
106 Merchant is not allowed preauth
107 Acquirer not participating
108 No such token
109 IP usage limit has bean reached
110 Session has expired
111 Card branch is blocked
112 Card daily limit reached by branch
113 Temporarily closed the possibility of P2P payments from PB cards to the cards of foreign banks
114 Limit for completions reached
115 Invalid recipient name
2903 Daily card usage limit is exceeded
2915 Order_id is already existed
3914 Payments for this country are not allowed
9851 Expired card
9852 Invalid card
9854 Payment is declined. Please try again
9855 Card doesn't support this type of transaction
9857 Card doesn't support this type of transaction
9859 Insufficient funds
9860 Number of operation for card is exceeded
9861 Withdrawal limit would be exceeded
9863 Withdrawal limit already reached
9867 Amount is incorrect
9868 Payment is declined. Bank rejected the payment
9872 Destination not available
9882 Parameters are incorrect or transaction is not allowed
9886 Recurring payments are not allowed for this merchant
9961 Exceeds withdrawal limit
9989 Payment is declined. Check card requisites
Response example with failed status
			"status"         : "error",
			"err_code"       : "err_auth",
			"err_decription" : "Authorization is required"