Frequently asked questions
What is LiqPay?
LiqPay is web-interface of PrivatBank with which the card holders of Mastercard / VISA from around the world can pay for goods / services on your site, as well as send money from card to card.
How to register in LiqPay?
You must go to the link
1. write your mobile phone number.
2. fill the password from the SMS which you received.
3. fill in your personal information:
  • Name
  • address
  • email
Done, you could send money, accept the payments on your website, put an invoices on email.You need to add the card to your account. If the cards are already displayed in your account - select the main to receive payments.
How to send payments to card and phone number?
You can send money to card or phone number by means of LiqPay web-interface.
To send a payment you need to enter LiqPay personal account using the link and go to “Send money” option.
For more information on instruction.
How to start accepting payments on web-site
To start accepting payments on your web-site you need to register a shop in LiqPay.
To do so:
1. enter you phone number.
2. enter password from SMS that you’ve received.
3. go to section “Business”, option “My shops” and press the “Get internet acquring”.
4. enter all the information needed about your web-site and requisite details to receive payments.
As requisite details you can enter:
- account number in PrivatBank,
Done! You can now use API LiqPay settings and start accepting payments on your web-site.
After registration your shop will be checked and activated. You can see you shop details in your LiqPay account, section “Business”, option “My shops”.The Bank can request company legal documents in addition. Hereof you will be noticed by email that you entered during shop registration.
For more information on instruction.
If you have any questions regarding registrating shop in LiqPay, please contact the online chat or contact support via email
What are the tariffs on transfers in LiqPay?
Please see the payments from card to card or to phone number using the link.
Your bank can charge additional fee for card operatons.
What are merchants tariffs in LiqPay?
Merchant's commission when crediting funds is:
- 2.75% for payments made with VISA and Mastercard of any bank.
The amount of payments is transfered to merchant account excluding merchant commission within 1 working day.
What do you need to activate the merchant?
The activation conditions of the merchant:
1) Fully working site by 100%;
2) Full description of the goods or services on the site;
3) Availability of goods and pricing;
4) Сontact information.
Did you perform these conditions?
For how long do they receive funds on the store's account when receiving payments?
To the Privatbank’s account funds are received in 24/7/365.
To accounts in other banks funds are received under the regulations of the bank.
Do I need to sign a separate agreement to receive payments?
No. When you register the store you must accept the rules and legal offer contract link.
Could I accept a payments online in a foreign currency?
No. This restriction is regulated by Ukrainian Law 'About Payment Systems and Money Transfer in Ukraine'
from 05.04.2001 № 2346-III.
In which countries can the LiqPay Internet acquiring be connected?
Merchants can accept payments via Internet acquiring LiqPay can in Ukraine.
How to set LiqPay payment API?
LiqPay offers merchants a broad list of public API for payments acceptance. You can use ready-made HTML button in section “Business”, option “Payment buttons” or set public API to accept payments.
API with Public mark is available to use just right after shop registration in LiqPay.
To activate API with Private mark, please contact live chat or support team via
More API documentation
How to conduct a test payment?
In your personal account when setting up a payment button switch the test mode 'sandbox', or when using the API of accepting payments Checkout pass parameters “sandbox” with a value of 1. Read more
What is a “merchant id”, “signature” and where are these parameters indicated?
Merchant id is a unique setting, the public key of your shop in LiqPay Example: public_key i33111011000.

“Signature” is a unique setting, the private key of your shop Example: signature 9ydlqKMsZnmPBk6piHLPlqRpqZNXkcYCn7cOh7vM.

These parameters can be viewed in a Personal Cabinet of LiqPay - Business section - My Stores - setting up your store.
What are CMS plugins available in LiqPay?
In LiqPay are available CMS for the following sites
Magento - link to the documentation
Bitrix - link to the documentation
osCommerce - link to the documentation
OpenCart - link to the documentation
Prestashop - link to the documentation

Example of CMS plugin setting on the site:
CMS Bitrix instruction
CMS osCommerce instruction
CMS OpenCart instruction
Technical documentation for CMS link
How to use web-interface of LiqPay safely?
Reliability of LiqPay are certified by GoDaddy Secure Web Site, Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode.
Payments to LiqPay implemented within the three-stage scheme of verification:
  • when making a transaction requested full card details by the payer (card number, card expiry date, code CVV)
  • the operation is confirmed by OTP, which is sent on the user's cell phone
  • operation is also confirmed by using 3D Secure. Learn more
Is it possible on one site implementat the set of personal merchants?
Yes it is possible. To do this, you must enclose Agent Agreement.
How does the agency scheme work?
1. The Bank signs a contract with an agent and a sub-merchants.
2. Agent on its website connects sub-merchants.
3. Client on the Agent’s website choose the goods / service paying in favor of a particular sub-merchant.
4. The Bank shall transfer the refund directly to the account of the sub-merchant.
5. At the end of the month the Bank shall pay to the Agent a fee in the amount of __% of the amount of each payment conducted with the card of physical person in favor of sub-merchants.
How to recharge the account in LiqPay?
Opportunity to recharge LiqPay missing due to decision of the NBU 378. You can use the funds in the account LiqPay: lead them to the connected card in your account or make a payment in online store.To accept payments use a bank card.
What is the difference between Personal Cabinet and Business?
In Personal Cabinet you can make transfers to the card or phone number, view a payment history.In the Business Cabinet you can connect a merchant to accept payments on your website, view a history of your payments to the merchant. You can also issue an invoice for payment (invoice).
How to put an invoice for payment for the product / service?
Could an individual receive the payments through LiqPay?
No, they can't. Acceptance of payments is possible to the accounts of legal entities or sole proprietors.
Is it possible to return the payment?
Yes. You can refund full amount of payment or even parcially.Refund is available in LiqPay account and also via API Refund.
Detailed instruction
How can I delete the card from the account?
The card can not be deleted from LiqPay account.
Сan I connect a card issued in another country to the account with the Ukrainian phone number?
No. The country of the bank where the card was issued must coincide with the country of the mobile network.
Whom can I ask questions about LiqPay?
Questions about LiqPay you can ask to online support project service (Green button on the right) or by
What is a Secure payment?
Protected payment - is your guarantee of safe payment in internet-shop on LiqPay checkout page.
Company initiates Protected payment itself as well as the expiration period.
Please pay attention, while purchasing the information about Protected payment and expiration date is shown on the left side of LiqPay checkout page.
Paying with Protected payment, fuds will be automatically charged from your card. You can control the status of Protected payment in LiqPay Personal account right after your payment.

Terms of settlement with company:
1. Funds will be automatically transfered to company upon the expiration date if you don't confirm that goods or service are received.
2. If you confirm by pressing the button 'Goods are received' in LiqPay personal account - funds will be automatically transfered to company.
3. If you don't confirm - we'll create a dispute. In this case, we'll request required documents from company proving that goods orservices are fully provided. Dispute resolution - up to 45 days.
4. Upon dispute resolution funds can be refunded or transfered to company. You can find out more about dispute status from our support team via chat online or email

If you want to pay with protection in internet- please ask company to provide Protected payment on LiqPay checkout page.
What Chugayster?
You can be lucky and get up to 3 personalized offers from our partners on LiqPay checkout page while purchasing in internet-shop. Personalized offers - discounts, vouchers, certificates, gifts that are specially designed for you.

After each successful payment on LiqPay checkout page, we show you 'Chugayster' widget with a list of gifts. If there are a few gifts offered to you - you can only select one or even all of them. Each partner's offer contains a unique promo-code - please save it or send it to your email. You can find out more about terms of promo-code on 'Chugayster' widget or partner's website.