Payments to LiqPay via Google PayTM

Google Pay allows you to pay on sites in one click with your Google Account. The service provides easy and secure online payment via your Android smartphone or Chrome browser on computers and tablets.

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Google Pay is available for all LiqPay partners

How does it work?

With Google Pay, getting paid is very convenient and fast, the customer doesn't waste any effort or time entering the card number and other data.

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Why do customers choose Google Pay?

More sales

With Google Pay, the number of successful payments increases, and customers simply and quickly make payments on your site.


Millions of Google users with their cards can pay with the click of a button.


It's only a one-click payment. With Google Pay, customers don't need to use a payment card - you can pay with a mobile device or with the Chrome browser on computers and tablets.


Google Pay protects your information and account with several levels of security using one of the most advanced systems in the world. This built-in security system detects and prevents online threats, so every user can be confident in the security of their personal information.

How do I install?

Register in LiqPay and start accepting payments. Google Pay will be available on the payment page among other payment methods of LiqPay.

Existing customers

Existing customers of the LiqPay GooglePay payment platform will be automatically connected.

New customers

New customers just need to register on and connect it to their store in one of the most convenient ways. Google Pay button will be available on the payment page among other payment methods or integration via API is possible.