Brand usage rules

Get access to images to attract buyers who prefer to pay with LiqPay. With LiqPay, you can increase sales by accessing over 132 million active users in 190 countries worldwide.

In addition, you can download mobile express payment buttons to integrate them into apps and websites optimized for mobile devices.

Check out these guidelines to properly use the Liqpay brand on sites.

Main logo

Basic version

Use the full color version of our logo on a white background.

Free space

The free space around the logo should be equal to or greater than the height of the letter “L” in LiqPay.

Minimum size

The minimum logo size on the screen is 12 px in height.

LiqPay as a payment method

On the pages where the service is indicated as a payment method, you need to add the LiqPay symbol, presented below.

Symbol usage example

Use on different backgrounds

Color version

Colored on a black background

Monochrome version

Guidelines for choosing the logo option

White background

Light gray background

Gray background

Dark gray background

Black background

Fractional background

Forbidden usage

You can not change the color scheme of the logo

You can not change the angle of the logo

You can not compress the logo

You can not swap the symbol and LiqPay

You cannot use an outdated version of the logo

Do not add logoto text

Do not use the logo in a phrase or sentence