How do QR-payments work in LiqPay for the merchant?
Register on the site
Create a QR-code for a fixed or opened amount, so that the client could specify it himself.
Show the QR-code to customers for them to pay via their mobile phone.
Receive notifications about crediting money to your account.
How do QR-payments work in LiqPay for your customers?
To make a payment, the client needs a smartphone with access to the Internet.
The client scans your QR-code and pays.
Why QR-payments in LiqPay?
Here is the main argument
Customers with cards pay more and more often
After receiving the money, you and your employee will receive SMS
Money is credited instantly to your card or account
Frequently asked questions
What is a cost of the service?
When paying through Privat24: 1% - for start. If the client doesn’t have the Privat24, the commission will be within the tariff limits of LiqPay, and will be changed from the merchant.
What is the maximum amount of a payment via QR-code?
Depending on the segment and your needs the limits can be variable, and can be set up in a communication with the LiqPay support on
What cards can the payments be made from?
From any cards. If the client desires to pay not from the card of PrivatBank, right after the payment the QR-scanner will offer to open a link for payment, where one will need to enter the card details and pay.
Who pays the commission when you pay via QR-code?
The commission is paid by the merchant to bank.
How do I make a refund?
One can make a refund at the personal account on In the «History» section one needs to open the payment settings and click the «Make a refund» button.
How to pay the commission for the client?
Apply through the chat to set up the payments commission. Application form: «I ask you to set up a commission from the payer for payment via QR-code on the next public_key (specify public_key)».
How do I make a test payment?
Test the service by paying with your card, you can also use the card with which you are doing to make a payment. The test payment, as well as any other one, can be always cancelled by you in the LiqPay account.
Can the individuals receive the money funds on the personal card?
Yes, they can, as the law doesn’t prohibit the card usage for making such transaction. In fact the transfer of the QR-code replaces the earlier transfer of your card number to the payer. You can use the QR-code everywhere, where you have previously used the card number.
How to obtain the receipt?
When paying through the LiqPay payment page the client can specify one’s email for receiving a receipt. If the payment is conducted via Privat24, one can receive the receipt in the card statement.
How do I set up sending notifications?
Sending notifications can be configured in your account on the, «Settings» –> «Notification».
Automatic QR-code generation
Documentation for setting up the automatic forming of QR-codes.
Other available API.